aioLXD - Asynchronous client library for the LXD API

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aioLXD is an asyncio-based client library for the the LXD REST API.

It provides an high level API to interact with resources on LXD servers, such as containers, images, networks, profiles and storage.

LXD servers are accessible through the aiolxd.remote.Remote class, which exposes server details and configuration, as well as access to resource collections.

Collections (such as containers, images, profiles, networks, …) allow creating and fetching resources, which can be modified, updated or deleted.

For example:

from pprint import pprint

from aiolxd import lxc

# get all remotes defined in the client config
remotes = lxc.get_remotes()
async with remotes['local'] as remote:
    # fetch all images and print their details
    resp = await
    for image in resp:
        resp = await
        # image details have been read, now they're also cached (same
        # output as above)

    # fetch a single container by name
    container = await remote.containers.get('c')
    # rename it
    await container.rename('new-c')
    # change some details
    await container.update({'description': 'foo'})
    # and now delete it
    await container.delete()

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